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As a uniquely independent agency we like to and can adapt our services to each client's needs. We become an extension of our customers HR function and can offer support and general advise on all areas of the recruitment process.

Recruitment and Employment Federation (REC)

As members of the Recruitment and Employment Confederation (REC), we work within strict guidelines and are constantly notified of changes in legislation affecting the recruitment industry. Clients can be assured we operate "best practice" at all times and each individual consultant is qualified by exam; covering legislation, interviewing and customer care to ensure customers receive only the highest level of service.

Specialist Divisions

At One Step Recruitment we have teams of consultants who specialise in industrial, commercial, catering, events and technical recruitment, covering both permanent and temporary roles. They interview within their own field of expertise and have an in-depth knowledge of their own disciplines. A client can be assured that their needs are being handled by someone who works within their industry and can advise on availability, skill bases and salaries.

Experienced Consultants

Our teams are the perfect combination of experience and enthusiasm. Most of our consultants have been in the recruitment industry for many years and have helped clients navigate the extensive legislation that has been introduced over the past decade, whilst continuing to offer a truly cost effective and high quality solution to staffing. All staff are qualified by exams (REC) and are continually updating their knowledge and skills. Our newer people are mentored and trained both in-house and externally and also will sit their REC exams and bring a youthful and innovative approach to service delivery.


We are not just interested in placing people in jobs, we work with many schools and further education establishments; offering coaching, advice and workshops aimed at helping the young people that will become the workers of our future be better armed and aware of what’s required of them in those early days and years of their career. We do this free of charge as we passionately believe that what we invest in youth today will benefit us all in the future.

One Step Recruitment

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