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The One Step Foundation was the brain child of the late Sean O’Brien, a well respected local businessman.  Sean established The One Step Foundation in 2012 with his wife & business partner, Samantha O’Brien and business partner & personal friend, Nick Mock.

The Foundation was set up specifically to widen the reach of our parent company One Step Recruitment’s continued work with schools, preparing students to enter the workplace. To mark the launch we held the first Somerset Careers Fair. This event now takes place annually to help inspire young people to achieve their potential – outlining the options, opportunities and career pathways available, uniting students with the organisations and establishments who can make this happen. Our 2016 event also sees the launch of our new recruitment feature for job seekers and those looking to change career.

In the early days, The Foundation was wholly funded by the O’Brien Investment Group, including One Step Recruitment. It is now run in Sean’s memory as a not-for-profit organisation, to inspire young people and support the community.

Our next event: The One Step Foundation Somerset Skills and Careers Fair 2017

NEW FOR 2017

  • Guide to Exhibiting – tips to help exhibitors get the most out of your day, available when you place your exhibitor booking.
  • Directory – a keepsake detailing all exhibitors at the show, free to everyone who attends and available online from the start of October.
  • Choices for Life – away from the main hall, this is an exhibit organised by Somerset County Council to help vulnerable young people and their carers access the information, advice and guidance required to make the best choices in their education and future lives. For more information please see our news page.

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In choosing to work with us you will directly contribute towards the projects we support and will be provided with updates on where we are helping.

Please click here to access our One Step Foundation website for more information about our achievements and upcoming projects.







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