Client Information


As a uniquely independent agency we are able to adapt our services to an individual client: Whether by individual testing, time sheet and reporting procedures or any other way, we can work closely with a client to improve the service and benefits they receive. We become an extension of a customer's HR function and can offer support and general advice on all areas of the recruitment process.

Free Service

We are constantly advertising via Hard Media, On-Line sites and many other methods to attract high quality staff. There is no charge for viewing CVs, arranging interviews, sifting and shortlisting, we work on a success only basis so if we don't find the right person for a role there is no cost.

24-Hour Manned Call System

We offer a full 24-hours a day, 7 days a week service to businesses and applicants alike. If our offices are not manned, calls will go to the "on-call" consultant. Whether it is to take advertising response, a general enquiry or discuss opportunities that have arisen during the day our consultant is there to help. From a client perspective we can take a booking, fill roles and take sickness and absence reports ensuring you are fully informed and replacements made as seamlessly as possible.

Health and Safety

We take our responsibility to our workers very seriously. We conduct site visits and offer advice and help in making sure everyone is happy and most importantly not exposed to potential danger in the workplace. We also have our own in-house NEBOSH qualified risk assessor. We ensure candidates receive a full briefing regarding the content of work, hours, breaks, clothing and safety equipment where necessary so they arrive at a client premises fully aware of their responsibilities.

Bespoke Solutions

As a genuinely independent company we are not confined to any strict policies and structures and can tailor any of our services to suit a client. Examples would include personality profiles, video interviewing, selection days, joint initiatives in the community and many more. We can build a process to suit your requirement and currently deliver induction training and testing for many clients. We are truly flexible and work alongside many major and independent business to support and assist their Human Resource management.

Quality Reviews

Our service doesn't stop once a client has recruited a permanent member of staff or a temporary team member arrives. We do first-day checks with applicant and employer to make sure all parties are happy and then weekly reviews are carried out and feedback given both ways. Clients are also requested to complete questionnaires on our service and we use this valuable information to make sure we are always looking for things we can do better or more effectively!

State of the Art Technology

We use the most advanced software available to the recruitment industry, our system searches for candidates, matches skills, searches the main job boards in the UK and leaves no stone unturned in getting the right person into the right job. All registered candidates (over 25,000 in the South West, all interviewed, ID checked and referenced where applicable) are held on the database and we keep in touch via "one touch" technology to keep their records and work experience up to date. Clients' Job Descriptions, Person Specifications and specific requirements are held and updated to ensure we understand the nature and culture of every individual business. The combination of great people who know their business and the best available technology is what keeps us ONE STEP ahead!


Candidate Selection


Our database holds in excess of 25,000 candidates who have all been interviewed, tested and reference-checked where necessary. We have work records for all and retain copies of passport / identity cards, relevant qualifications and Health and Safety questionnaires. We have the capability to search and instantly contact relevant applicants by SMS, E Mail and Phone. Searches can be based on skills, qualification and location or any other criteria that is desired. On top of this huge resource we use CV libraries and job boards to make sure we leave no stone unturned in getting the best person. Many of the applicants on our database are not active job-seekers, they may be in employment but interested in the "right role" and we keep in touch with these people on a regular basis updating their career and skills to ensure we are as up to date with candidates as possible.

Registration Process

All applicants attend a formal interview either at our offices or at one of several locations we use for registration days throughout the area. They complete an application form and provide proof of right to work in the UK (usually passport or European ID card). An in-depth interview will be conducted by a trained interviewer with requirements recorded and stored on our database. Following interview, skills assessments are completed and references applied for where appropriate. Applicants are then made available and details updated on a continual basis.


On completion of an in-depth registration process, candidates' skills are assessed at our in-house testing stations. They can be assessed on a wide range of activity from literacy and numeracy to focused tests such as data entry, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene, customer services and specialist software such as Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Results are held with the applicant's data for review by clients and to ensure we are not putting square pegs into round holes and most importantly to check candidates have the required skill levels to match a the requirements of a vacancy.

SMS/E-Mail Capability

Our state of the art system gives us the capability to contact 1000's of people at the press of a button. Once a role is received we can search our database using key words, skills, qualifications and locations to compile a list of the most suitable people for the job. Messages are sent immediately with brief job details and candidates call and discuss their suitability with our consultants at their convenience. Of course we don't just rely on applicants calling us, we still use the phone to call people directly, but as many people are in work and can't take calls we text and email to make sure we are the first call they make when they are available. This allows us to know who is available and to update applicant's records.

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