This morning our commercial manager and all round client wizard James Tuckett will be featured on Ninesprings Radio!

As part of a section on working in Somerset during COVID-19, James will be discussing why it’s vital for employers in the region to always have one mind on the future of their workforce.

With so much being done to secure the current work force via the furlough scheme, most companies are in a period of self-reflection in regards to how they come out of the end of it. However, the success of any company, no matter the sector or industry, is dependent on the people within the company.

Our advice has always been one of securing your future: a good recruitment company should always support their client’s future, as well as present – James discusses this, and more, on this mornings breakfast show!

James’ sage advice can be heard on Ninesprings Radio, 104.5FM, at 9.30am this morning!